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We know that when people come together, they can achieve great things. Collaboration and working towards a common goal can improve complex situations and alleviate difficult circumstances. That is why we have decided to be a solidarity hair salon, forming part of two associations that we believe are doing incredible work: Mechones Solidarios and Alas Solidarias .


This is an association based in Málaga that is dedicated to producing and delivering natural hair wigs to girls and women who have lost their hair after a chemotherapy treatment.
Works directly with the Spanish Association Against Cancer. They also offer psychological counseling and counseling on wig care. Mechones Solidarios does not receive any subsidies, they raise all their funds from events and donations.

It is associated with a network of 850 hairdressers throughout Spain that pay an annual fee as a donation. Clients donate their hair and the shipping cost is borne by the hairdresser.

Mª José Cantó Peluquería is part of the initiative, being a hair salon associated with this network of solidarity hair salons. We are excited to know that, together with you, we can help the self-esteem of many people who are going through such a hard time.

If you dare to donate your hair, we will be delighted to welcome you, and as a souvenir of having placed your grain of sand we will give you a very special bracelet.

Here you can learn more about the association and its work:

web :
Instagram :


Alas Solidarias is a non-profit non-governmental organization born from the concern of a group of pilots and professionals with the aim of delivering all the humanitarian aid possible through their flights, whether material, transferring patients or medicines.


Among its initiatives was the creation of a solidarity calendar for 2010 in which well-known faces from the world of fashion, television and cinema participated. Mª José Cantó Peluquería selflessly collaborated in the calendar photo sessions with the photographer Carolina Roca.
A three-month job in which every detail was taken to ensure that the styling of the protagonists was perfect in the photo sessions.


In addition to the presentation of the calendar that was held in Madrid at the Palace of Fine Arts, another was also held in Toledo and another in Pinoso where the copies were sold.
All proceeds were allocated entirely to fund the missions of the Spanish pilots’ NGO.
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